Our Vineyards

In 2003, aided by Virginia viticulturist Chris Hill, we purchased a 98 acre farm well suited to growing European vinifera. That year we planted our first 10 acre block. Today, we meticulously manage more than 17,000 vines, each hand-tended to produce quality fruit for winemaking.

The vines are planted on five distinct sites scattered across the site, each section arrayed and pruned to take advantage of the aspects of its particular parcel. The sites include

  • Original 10 acre block.  As the name says, this 10 acre block contains five varietals.  It was first planted in 2003 and is located on the right as one enters the property.
  • Viognier block.  This 4.75 acre block is planted entirely in viognier.  It was planted in 2005.
  • Mountain Vineyard is sited on the highest portion of the property at 880 feet. It was also first planted in 2005, and consists of two sections of five varietals totaling more than 5 acres.
  • Pinot Gris block next to the winery, 1.75 acres of pinot gris.
  • Smuggler Vineyard, 3.6 acres, merlot and our only planting of cabernet sauvignon

The last was named for one of David’s great-grandfather’s silver mines in Colorado where he founded the town of Aspen. It also inspired the name of our wine club, The Smuggler Society.